The Armory

Arm yourself with the tools and firepower needed to wage all-out Apollo war.

Welcome, Apollo Army

We’re excited to have you as part of the mission to share and grow Apollo and the Apollo Community. Use this page and the private Apollo Army Discord channel to interact with other members of the Apollo Army and to get updates on when new “ammo” is released.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Weekly engagement on the Discord channel with hot topics and metrics
  • Bi-monthly wrap up posts in The Armory to include exclusive first looks at new content, FAQs, social posts, brand assets, and more
  • Army missions (coming soon)

Thank YOU for helping build a positive Apollo brand experience by engaging, sharing, and growing a stronger Apollo Community.

What is the Apollo Army?

The Apollo Army

Apollo is looking for their top fans to join the Apollo Army to help get the word out. We need your help sharing and spreading the Apollo mission to your network and beyond.

Why does Apollo need an Army?

  • Help keep the communities active (beyond just the devs) to attract potential holders
  • Help grow the communities – a diverse community will help breed bigger, better ideas
  • Holder growth = stronger wallets = bigger prizes for Creators
  • Word of mouth is powerful
  • Support the dev team to allow them more time to develop
  • The Apollo dev team needs honest feedback from an inner circle they can trust

Goals of the Apollo Army

Engage. Share. Grow.
Help build a positive brand experience.

  • Be the face of the DAO / Apollo Community
  • Dispel FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) by presenting the facts of the project
  • Share and encourage people to join the conversation and community
  • Be a resource for the community by helping guide people to things they may be searching for
  • Identify new opportunities for Apollo such as new utility, improvements, partnership(s)
  • Demonstrate to others the strong community, loyalty and bonds that have been created between the project and its participants
  • Help create a sense of calm, trust and optimism in the project to bolster retention and additional investment from current holders

Responsibilities of the Apollo Army

The Apollo Army helps lead engagement efforts.

Social Community Engagement & Support

  • Moderate and participate in discussions
  • Share resources, answer questions, encourage participation (voting, conversations, etc.), and guide new community members
  • Share & Repost social posts and announcements
  • Create new content and start new conversations
  • Participate and encourage participation in Apollo events (Office Hours, AMA’s, etc.)
  • Invite new creator contestants and holders to join the Apollo community
  • Accept and complete missions posted by Apollo that need completing as well as asking others to do the same
  • Perform professionally run raids to get others to join our cause or our channels
  • Encourage feedback from the Apollo Community
Army news + blogs

Army Update 11.10.2022

Apollo has an engaged community that values transparency and communication. One thing that comes through loud and clear over Apollo’s many dynamic channels is a

Coming Soon: Platform

While some people feel this fits squarely in the camp of paid promotion or marketing, we have all realized that those efforts would only go

Coming Soon: Partnerships

Season 2 brought our first paid sponsorship with the Centre urban apparel brand. Through this experience, we have been able to learn valuable lessons that

Coming Soon: Promotion

The Apollo development team is currently in discussions with a few groups that can help improve our crypto-centric marketing and promotions strategy. As we know