Crypto for the Ownership Economy

Apollo is a community-run DAO and token to support and fund creative people to achieve their goals.

Apollo Crypto
3500 +
Circulating Supply
18600 +
Tokens burned
Tokens reflected

Where to buy Apollo

$APOLLO is available through DeFi or several exchanges.

Apollo Creator Contest

How Creators fund their Passions & Projects

Apollo supports and encourages creators through a self-governed community seeking to fund and grow the creator economy.

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Apollo Creator Contest

Season 1: All-Stars

To celebrate the conclusion of Season 1 of the Apollo Creator Contest, we are bringing back all twelve previous winners for a head-to-head all-star challenge. The competition is bigger, the stakes are bigger, the PRIZE is bigger!

Apollo Creator Contest
Season 1:
All Stars
August 8-22, 2022

Apollo Creator Contest

Season 1: Winners

Every week one amazing Creator will win the hearts and minds of the Apollo Community; and thus, the weekly prize wallet.

Morgan Alexis headshot

Morgan Alexis


$10,000 Prize

Stanley Turner headshot

Stanley Turner


$10,000 Prize

Kyree Anderson headshot

Kyree Anderson

Recording Artist

$10,000 Prize

Jet Trouble

Jet Trouble


$10,000 Prize

Roshelle Anderson

Roshelle Anderson


$10,000 Prize

Palmer Anthony

Palmer Anthony


$10,000 Prize

Omar Nasr

Omar Nasr


$17,163 Prize

Lana Johnson

Lana Johnson


$12,510 Prize

Elizabeth Grace

Elizabeth Grace

Abstract Artist

$9,089 Prize

Juraj Antal

Juraj Antal

Fitness Content Creator

$11,316 Prize

Ellen Frautschi

Ellen Frautschi


$9,364 Prize

Brittney Palmer

Brittney Palmer



Prize Fund

Creators win money every week

Every Apollo transaction contributes 1% toward the Creators Prize Fund. Each week the Apollo community votes on which creators to fund. Winners get the funding for their next big idea.

We Have A Winner 🎉

A crypto for Creatives

There are so many creative people in the world with limited opportunities to break through and be discovered. Future professional painters, photographers, musicians, and content creators don’t have the free time, money, or access to opportunities to make a career out of their creative passion.

Until now…

Introducing the Apollo token, a new cryptocurrency designed to build communities that help aspiring creatives and content creators get the resources they need to get their big break.

So, how does it work?

A portion of every purchase, sale, and trade of Apollo goes to a “Creator Prize Fund” controlled by the Apollo community through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization or “DAO”. Every week, anyone who owns Apollo votes for a winning creator who receives the funds they need and spreads the word about Apollo to other deserving creatives, helping to grow the Apollo community of creators, investors, and supporters.

Apollo ($APOLLO) is an Ethereum (ERC-20) token designed for people who are passionate about bringing creativity and content into the world. Learn more about Apollo in our Official Whitepaper.

Apollo is more than just a token

At the heart of every great crypto project are its ‘tokenomics’ which dictate how much and where the transaction fees are distributed on any purchase, sale, or transfer of the token. Apollo was designed to reward long-time holders and award up-and-coming creators. Basic token design is as follows:

3% Reflection

Rewards every holder based on the size of their holdings for additional long-term appreciation.

2% Burn

Removes tokens from the supply to stabilize and increase value of the token.

1% Creator Donation

Builds the Creator Prize Fund awarded by Apollo holders to winning creators each week.

Smart Contract Security Audit

Apollo received a 100% perfect score on its Anti-Fraud Token Audit performed by Soken
Soken logo

Key Project Details

1. 100% Perfect Score on Audit

Soken-certified for anti-fraud, security, and dev background check.

2. No pre-sales

100% of circulating supply added to liquidity. No pre-sales or dev-tokens were distributed.

3. Liquidity Lock

100% locked for 6 months then slowly unlocks over 6 months for a total of 1 year.

4. Max Reflections

Both the Uniswap liquidity pool and burn wallet are excluded from tokenomics resulting in more generous reflections to holders.

5. Token Mint and Burn

2T tokens minted and 1T burned, producing a deflationary impact. No additional tokens can be minted.

6. Industry Veterans

Development team has over 7 decades of experience in software development, creative arts, brand development, and marketing.

7. Generous Token Design

Well-designed tokenomics maximize holder value and token stability while funding creators.

8. Decentralized

No central control for any part of the token contract (no way to change fees, pause trading, gain control of collected fees, etc.)

9. Mission Minded

Do well while doing good. Join our mission to help future creators realize their dreams by giving back.


Apollo believes in extreme transparency. One way we express this belief is by allowing anyone to access our public Trello board showing what is being worked on, who is working on what, what is ahead of schedule, behind schedule, or completed. It’s like a whiteboard, filled with lists of sticky notes, with each note representing a task for someone on the team to complete.

This provides the Apollo community unmatched access and transparency into the inner workings of the token and provides an opportunity for everyone to contribute to the success of the project.

For more information on how we use Trello and how to contact us if you have questions, view the Roadmap section of our Whitepaper.

Apollo Crypto Trello task board
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