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Apollo Token

Where can I find the whitepaper and more information about Apollo?

You can read the Whitepaper and project overview in our docs.

Where can I see Apollo's smart contract?

The address is: 0xadf86e75d8f0f57e0288d0970e7407eaa49b3cab

Has Apollo been audited by a third-party security firm?

Yes, it was audited by Soken and received a perfect score. You can find the full audit here.

What are Apollo's tokenomics?

You can find this information in the Token Design section of our Whitepaper here.

Is liquidity locked and where can I find information about the Apollo liquidity?

Why doesn't the Apollo logo show on Uniswap or in my wallet?

This is becoming rarer each day. There are rules around how big (holder amount, number of transactions, etc.) a token must get before their logo will start showing in Uniswap or wallets. The dev team is working to get approved as quickly as possible.

Who controls the tokens sent to the Creator Prize Fund?

The Apollo DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) holds the funds and no one is able to pull them out. All changes or transactions within the DAO must be voted on by Apollo holders.

Where can I find the current market cap of Apollo?

Dextools is the easiest way to find an approximation of the current market cap. For an exact number you can do the math: (2 trillion – burn balance) * current price

Where can I find the holder count of Apollo?

The most accurate holder number is on Etherscan. You should see it next to “Holders:”

How can I track the latest buys and sells of Apollo?

You can track the latest Uniswap transactions on DexTools Trade History.

Creator Contest

How will creator contest voting work?

You can find information on how creator contests work here.

Will I have to pay gas fees to enter and/or vote in the Creator Contest?

No, there are no fees to enter or vote in the contest. The contest

When will the Creator Contest happen?

Creator Contests will take place weekly on a recurring basis.

Buying & Selling Apollo

How can I buy Apollo?

The complete guide to buying Apollo can be found in our docs.

What is the link for Apollo on Uniswap?

Is there a way to decrease gas fees?

There is no way to decrease gas fees as that is neither controlled by Apollo nor do the proceeds go to Apollo. Most people will advise trading at slower times (middle of the night or weekends). You can check current gas rates on Etherscan.

What exchanges is Apollo listed on?

Apollo is listed on several exchanges. You can find where to buy Apollo on the Buy Apollo page.

Uniswap isn't working for me. How can I fix it?

If you see “Insufficient liquidity for this trade”, give the site a moment to update and the trade should be allowed. If waiting does not solve the problem, change your trade values slightly and this should solve your problem.

If you are doing a transaction and are stuck with “Waiting for confirmation” and a spinning wheel that quickly disappears there are two fixes to try:

  1. Slippage. Try increasing the slippage amount to 6%. If that still doesn’t work try increasing to 9%.
  2. Trailing Zeros. If the amount of Apollo tokens ends with two zeros. For example, Uniswap may do this if you are trading 3,456,700 tokens. To fix it, change the last 2 digits to be non-zero. Changing the amount to 3,456,711 should solve the issue.

If you are having other issues, check our help document on how to trade Apollo.

I bought Apollo, but don't see the tokens in my wallet.

If you are using the Coinbase wallet you only need to wait a few minutes to see your APOLLO.

If you are on Metamask you will need to manually add APOLLO to your list of tokens for them to show up in your Metamask wallet. You still own them, but Metamask won’t show the tokens until you manually add the token. To do so, scroll to the bottom of your token list > Import Tokens > Custom Token > And paste the Apollo contract address in the address field: 0xADf86E75d8f0F57e0288D0970E7407eaA49b3CAb

Periodically I notice I am not able to buy new Apollo tokens or sell my existing Apollo tokens using the Coinbase Wallet app. What can I do?

Some users have reported that the “Trade” or “Convert” method inside the Coinbase Wallet app can fail from time to time, albeit rarely.

Instead, you can use the web browser built into the Coinbase Wallet app for iPhone or Android to visit Uniswap and swap directly on Uniswap. To do this, go to the browser in the Coinbase Wallet app (middle tab on the bottom) and paste this link into the address bar: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?chain=mainnet

When you do this, you will now be using the Uniswap web interface but inside of the Coinbase Wallet app. This method will likely fix the problem you are having.

For more details, watch this short video on How To Buy Apollo Using Coinbase.

On Uniswap, can I swap other tokens directly for Apollo, or do I have to use Ether?

You can swap any token on Uniswap with Apollo, including but not limited to Ether.

Is Apollo on Binance?

Apollo is currently only on the Ethereum blockchain.

Apollo DAO

What is a DAO and how does Apollo’s DAO work?

A DAO is a Distributed Autonomous Organization. DAOs are the internet version of a company or collective group working together towards a common vision. For specifics about the DAO governing Apollo, read Apollo DAO in our docs.

What is unique about Apollo?

Every DAO is unique based on its mission and structured rules. Apollo DAO’s mission is to help creators fund their passion and gain exposure. To understand the rules guiding Apollo DAO read What Makes Apollo Different in our docs.

Is Apollo actually named after a real dog?

Yes! Apollo is a real dog and the seminal inspiration for the naming of Apollo.

How can I help spread the word about Apollo?

Check out Spreading the Word in our docs for information and official links.


When did Apollo launch?

Apollo was first deployed on January 12, 2022.

Where can I find a high-level description of Apollo?

You can read the Whitepaper overview in our docs.

Where is the Whitepaper?

You can read the full Whitepaper in our docs.

Where is the roadmap?

The Apollo team maintains the Roadmap using a publicly available Trello Board. Visit the Roadmap board to see current and active work.

Where can I find Apollo on the web and social media?

Who is on the team and where can I find background information on them?

The founding team consists of Matt Johnson and Zach McClary. Each have long and celebrated careers. Further information on the founding team can be found in the Whitepaper. Further, the team passed the Anti-Fraud Security Audit performed by Soken.

Are any YouTubers that have made videos about Apollo part of the team or received payment to promote?

No. Any video or post you see online are made at the discretion of the author, most likely because they believe in the project and own some Apollo themselves. We have agreed to interviews by several YouTube content creators but have no financial arrangement with them for this.

Why do I see people posting FUD about this project?

Crypto is a very new to most people. And let’s be honest, not every token is operated in the spirit of the blockchain. So it’s easy for any token, even the best ones, to get caught up in FUD. Instead of getting defensive, the Apollo community listens to people’s opinions as that is the only way it can learn from other people’s perspectives. While the community can do little to help those bent on causing drama, we welcome opposing views and want to hear constructive criticism. And, of course, if a person joins the Apollo community, they can better understand and influence the future of Apollo through DAO voting.

Do you plan on collaborating with other coins?

We don’t currently have plans, but we’re always open to working with other quality tokens that have a strong value proposition, run a clean and efficient project, and value their community.