Staying Nimble in an Immutable World

In the world of blockchain technology, one of the most compelling features is the immutability of smart contracts. Smart contracts are self-executing pieces of code that run on a blockchain, and once deployed, they cannot be altered or tampered with. This unique attribute has far-reaching implications for industries ranging from finance and healthcare to supply […]

Creating the Ultimate Web3 Game with Unity & PlayFab

Creating the Ultimate Web3 Experience with Unity & PlayFab: Bridging Reliability and Innovation

At Apollo, our journey in game development is one of continuous exploration and innovation. We’re driven by the thrill of pioneering uncharted territories and embracing emerging markets. A crucial aspect of game development is selecting a backend service that efficiently manages player progression, in-game economy, statistics, and more.  As we lay the groundwork for the […]

EIP-1967 and How the Transparency Proxy Pattern Will Revolutionize Blockchain Gaming


We will be leveraging the Transparency Proxy Pattern (EIP-1967) for our game NFTs. What is a Proxy A proxy allows smart contract codes to change and update without compromising the benefits of smart contracts. OpenZepplin has pioneered the way for projects to implement the “unstructured storage” proxy pattern. In the case of Apollo gaming, it allows […]

Season 2 Allstars – Bigger and Better 

And just like that, Season 2 of the Creator Contest comes to a close- and what a season it was! New creators, a bigger community supporting them, and a larger winnings pool made for a remarkable 16-week season.  The Season 2 All-Stars competition wrapped up on Monday, December 19, in which three past contestants were […]

Wrapping Up Our First-Ever Sponsored Contest

Apollo Crypto’s first-ever collaborative contest series, sponsored by Centre, has officially ended.  After four competitions, spanning the course of three months, it all came down to the All-Stars competition which wrapped up on Monday, December 5. All-Stars winner Kasandra Santos walked away with the first-place prize of $25,000 after submitting not one but TWO winning […]

Introducing: The Free Vote

You asked, and we listened. The Apollo Development Team is so excited to announce an upgrade to our voting system that will allow for more eyes on contestants, more voting engagement, and more opportunities for contest sponsors. What is this big change, you may ask? It’s the free vote. The free vote allows non-Apollo holders […]

Season 2 General Contests End With a Bang!

The second season of Apollo Creator Contests, barring the Season 2 All Stars Contest that is still to come, is complete! Three new creators were chosen during Season 2 Contest 4, and have received funding – photographer/filmmaker Adeel Shabir won first place, followed very closely by musician James Hepburn in second place, and pixel artist […]

Army Update 11.10.2022

Apollo has an engaged community that values transparency and communication. One thing that comes through loud and clear over Apollo’s many dynamic channels is a desire to have interesting things to share with YOUR personal communities that can advance the Apollo cause.  Every two weeks we’ll attempt to arm the growing Apollo Army with this […]

Coming Soon: Platform

While some people feel this fits squarely in the camp of paid promotion or marketing, we have all realized that those efforts would only go so far in a challenging economic climate. We continue to build awareness through community growth and engagement but have started to take a look at how we can better grow […]