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Army Updates – 07.22.2022

Apollo Army Updates - 07.22.2022

Apollo has an engaged community that values transparency and communication. One thing that comes through loud and clear over Apollo’s many dynamic channels is a desire to have interesting things to share with YOUR personal communities that can advance the Apollo cause.

Every two weeks we’ll attempt to arm the growing Apollo Army with this type of ammunition. Army Ammo if you will. Thank you in advance for sharing the individual pieces of information you find valuable. Thank you for inviting your networks to get on board with Apollo Crypto.

Did You Know?

Week ending in July 22:

🚀 4,434 token holders
💰 $110,079.96 awarded to creators (to date)
🗳 1,313 Total “votes” cast (to date)
🏆 10 Winning creators

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  1. What’s in it for you if you’re not a creator?
    It might seem crazy to advocate and recommend a token to your network when the market is as volatile as it is… but should it be?

  2. What does Apollo Stand For?
    All crypto tokens are not created equal. Access, creation, change… this is just SOME of what Apollo stands for. What if a crypto token could have a hand in making this place we live a better one? There is.

  3. ICYMI: Check out the first winner roundup reel that came out. 🔥 Make sure to subscribe to the Apollo Crypto YouTube Channel too!

  4. Would having something creative to post about the work Apollo is doing to make the world a more creative place be helpful? We got you. Grab the below text and image and share.


Creating inspiring content is a passion… and hard work. But with #ApolloCrypto, that’s changing. A blockchain-based economic system, Apollo rewards #creators who are making a difference helping them fund their projects.

You’ve Got Questions… We’ve got Answers.

Q: With the new Apollo formula is the prize amount calculated at the end versus the beginning of the contest?
A: Yes, it is calculated at the end of the contest meaning more votes earns higher allocations.


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