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What’s in it for You… if You’re Not a Creator?

What's in it for you if you are not a creator - Apollo Crypto

The utility of the Apollo Crypto token gets stronger and stronger with every passing week. You hear about all those advancements through Apollo’s various social communities, weekly AMAs and, of course, through the public-facing development roadmap board on Trello. 

One of the most visible components of the Apollo token has been the weekly creator contest, where already over $100K worth of token has been distributed. From the outset though a driving goal has been for Apollo holders to do good while doing good.

It may seem crazy to recommend a token to your friends and network followers when the overall economy is as volatile as it is. But should it be?

While it’s not scientific, Apollo estimates that at least 97% of its holders are not creators who are entering the weekly contest. So what’s in this for the vast majority of holders then? A lot actually. 

  1. Lucrative tokenomics that reflect 3% of Apollo that is bought, sold or transferred back to holders, and burn 2% of every transaction.
    Each week that Apollo grows, your personal value grows making it a great token to have and hold. This approach provides a deflationary impact and improves token value and stability.

  2. Audited token with renounced control that’s backed by a seasoned business team.
    With new development work, new partner connections and platform expansion it’s no wonder the utility gets stronger week after week.

  3. Collection of POAPs for voting each week.
    Not sure this is valuable? Well, this is Web3… and they’re a component of a staking and voter reward system that will roll out soon (see below). Have a voice AND get rewarded. 

  4. Opportunity to support the dreams of creators by voting in weekly contests.
    Simply put: the world is a better place with creative expression. Holders can have a hand in doing good while financially doing well too.

  5. Voter Rewards, Random Holder Sweepstakes and access to NFT opportunities
    While these initiatives are coming soon in future releases, you’re getting to hear about it now. While the complete and official details are still in development and subject to change, these exclusive rewards could look like: stake your Apollo and vote to get a share of free $APOLLO for supporting the protocol… or be the random voting wallet that gets a chunk of APOLLO each week.

Benefits like these are worth talking about, right? If each current Apollo holder got just one other person to join them as a holder, we’d not only clear a significant milestone for being represented on Trust Wallet, we’d also immediately increase all the value listed above… and that’s great for everyone. 

So… When will each one of you invite one new holder?


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