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Army Update – 10.27.2022

Apollo has an engaged community that values transparency and communication. One thing that comes through loud and clear over Apollo’s many dynamic channels is a desire to have interesting things to share with YOUR personal communities that can advance the Apollo cause. 

Every two weeks we’ll attempt to arm the growing Apollo Army with this type of ammunition. Army Ammo if you will. Thank you in advance for sharing the individual pieces of information you find valuable. Thank you for inviting your networks to get on board with Apollo Crypto.

Week ending in October 24:
🚀 4,447 token holders (⬆️🆙)
🏆 Season 2 Contest 3 Complete!
👥 Over 40 Twitter mentions alone!

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1. A Look Into What’s Next for Apollo
Allow us to daydream a bit as we set the stage for some really exciting announcements coming in the next few weeks. You may see some experiments happening, more partnerships popping up, and several improvements being made. We at Apollo are always looking one sep ahead! Get pumped!

2. Creators Actually Interacting Within Our Community Matters… Here’s Why
We can almost always predict which of the creators in each contest will see the most votes and/or most success – and it doesn’t even have to do with their specific craft or talent. Creators who take the time to pour into the Apollo community usually see pretty steep returns; click to read why

3. Halloween + Apollo Memes = Best. Thing. Ever.
These Memes are basically free social media posts for each of you. Share them with your network and tag us with your favorite!


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