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Coming Soon to an Apollo Near You…

We at Apollo are always looking ahead, excited about future projects that will lead to greater utility and impact for the Apollo token and community. In the coming weeks, we will be publishing a blog series of three pieces, each highlighting a different aspect of our future planning: Awareness, Partnerships, and Platform & Community. 

If you tuned in to last week’s Thursday Evening Office Hours you heard a bit about each of these areas and the very exciting things happening within each. Matt, Caleb, and Zack each presented a piece of this tri-fold future vision, and gave the Apollo community a lot of things to be stoked about! This blog is an overview introduction to the more in-depth discussion around the three key growth areas mentioned above, as well as a preview of the blogs our community should expect in the future!

We’re excited, and we hope you guys are as well! This is only the beginning!

During last week’s Office Hours chat, Matt described some of the behind-the-scenes work we are doing to place ourselves in the best position for the inevitable thaw of the current crypto-winter. “What we’ve decided to do, between now and the beginning of next year, is [run] three or four different tests or marketing initiatives,” Matt said. 

These will be done with the hope that we are prepared when the crypto market thaws, so that we will know what strategies work so we can really double down on them during the right time. We are preparing for the future/doing the work right now so that we can already have the ball rolling while other projects are still scrambling to recover. 

Caleb also announced an exciting future partnership with The Regulars NFT, which will include contest sponsorship and the creation of a collaborative Twitter space between Apollo and The Regulars. “Partnerships are going to be key to our success,” Caleb explained. 

There will be much more information to come about all that is being developed in the awareness, partnerships, and platform/community sectors. Be on the lookout for future announcements, and be sure to share them when you do see them!

With all the exciting growth happening, we definitely do not want to keep this to ourselves!


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