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Here’s Why Creators Who Interact More Tend to Have More Success

A few days ago we posed a question to our Instagram audience. We wanted to know what reasoning Apollo voters used to determine which creator they would cast their vote for in our contest series. 

Was it all based on individual voters’ taste for talent? Was it random? The developers of Apollo wanted to know what the determining factors were, to better understand our holders. Well, the results are in, and they very clearly tied creator interaction to votes.

We saw over and over again that voters highly valued how involved a creator was with the community and with the overall Apollo brand, and that that involvement generated enthusiasm within our community that drove higher voting numbers. 

It’s clear that creators who are regularly interacting with our community via our Discord channel and other social media sites, as well as promoting their entry and the Apollo brand as a whole on their personal channels, are likely to receive more votes and see more success. 

What’s clear here is that connection matters.

What matters almost as much as those creators interacting with our community is that they feel welcomed to do so, and that they receive interaction back! Responding to their messages on Discord, supporting their social posts, and making sure they know we are all on their team even long after their contest has ended is how we as the Apollo Army display that we care about the mission of Apollo – supporting creators. 

When you see creators who are interacting on social channels, promoting their content or Apollo’s content, would you commit to interacting back with them? We know our community is one that wants to support and encourage creators, so let’s DO that.


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