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All-Stars Contest in Full Swing

Apollo Crypto All-Stars Contest

In May 2022, Apollo Crypto launched its first contest to find and reward up and coming creators. 90-ish days later, Apollo just concluded its 12th contest! Over the course of that time the DAO distributed 6.4B Apollo tokens to 12 winners. The average cash prize was $10,958 and there were nearly 1,600 votes cast. That’s a pretty impressive inaugural season. 

But it’s not over. 

Recently announced, season 1 of the Apollo Creator Contest will officially conclude with an All-Stars Championship. This contest will run for an extended period of time… and will come with a prize allocation that’s three times larger than regular weeks!

Contest runs: Aug 8 – 22, 2022

Contestants include the 12 winners of this first season

The All-Stars contest will give the Apollo community a definitive say in a project they’d really like to see funded. This is an opportunity to let your voice be heard and to introduce this life changing contest to other holders who value supporting the creative community.

With more than 4000 token holders there are a lot of potential voters who are yet to vote

With such a large prize allocation and high quality contestants we need our Apollo Army to use their influence and share this exciting news with their communities. You can help in these ways:

  • Download these pre-made social media tiles that make it easy to promote this contest to your networks via your preferred social channels, text or email
  • Share with your communities who you’re pulling for and why…
  • Consider hosting a LIVE, story, or interview where you talk with one or multiple contestants
  • Invite new voters to participate
  • Finally, VOTE. Connect your wallet and let your voice be heard
    Imagine having a contest prize that’s three times as large AND a contest voting bloc to match!

This is a great opportunity to promote the exciting possibility and utility of the Apollo token. Thank you in advance for sharing and promoting what’s happening. A great contest is an incredible springboard to share with future creative partnerships and to help Apollo secure NATIONAL press. 


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