Getting Off the Sidelines

Getting Off the Sidelines - ApolloArmy

By now, you’ve heard a lot about Apollo’s beliefs… 

Turns out, we believe something else. 

We believe that sometimes the right people just need to be asked to help.

This is Apollo asking…

There are specific milestones that, once achieved, open up new doors of potential. Hitting 10,000 token holders establishes credibility. Increasing weekly vote totals in the Apollo Creator Contest demonstrates community enthusiasm and is a valuable metric to attract future partners and media.  

So, what do we need? The graphic below shows the progression of voting across the inaugural season. While more than 1,500 votes being cast this season is significant and remarkable… there’s a HUGE GAP when you realize that there is a universe of more than 4,500 Apollo Crypto token holders.

Consider these interesting observations:

  • Less that 10% of Apollo Crypto holders EVER voted (approx 400 unique wallets)
  • Fewer than 20 wallet holders voted in all 12 contests
  • Just over 100 wallet holders voted in 5 or more contests

One reason people hold Apollo is to have a voice in making the world a better place by supporting up-and-coming creatives. This is you, right? When a contest sees 100-300 votes a week and there are more than 4,000 eligible voters, we’re sure you’d agree, an opportunity is being missed. 

We think we just need to ask you to help us close that gap. Can you help us really amp up the voting in the All-Stars contest?


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