From Us to You: Happy National Cryptocurrency Month!

October is National Cryptocurrency month, which means we’re celebrating all month long! 

In the years since 2009, when cryptocurrency emerged into the financial scene, the industry has blossomed to impact almost every aspect of American life. Now, with crypto being so commonplace, almost everyone has reason to recognize the crypto community this month!

As for Apollo, our biggest reason for celebration is the ongoing growth and deepening of relationships we see within our community daily. This project goes far beyond the bounds of just a financial venture, and is being used to impact real people because of its deep purpose. 

To be able to improve the careers of the creators we come in contact with has been our goal from the beginning, and the more growth we see the more that goal can be met and expanded upon. 

Huge thanks to our ever-evolving community for all that you’ve done in the first few months of this project, and here’s to what is coming next! We’re only just beginning to see what Apollo can truly be!

In honor of  National Cryptocurrency Month, here are some of our favorite facts about the Crypto Industry! 

  1. The first-ever mention of a token asset that could be traded privately was made by American cryptographer David Chaum in 1983 – a full 25 years before the first token entered the chat
  2. The first ever Bitcoin transaction was used by a Florida man to purchase two pizzas 
  3. A man in the United Kingdom who unfortunately threw away a hard drive containing 7,500 bitcoin by mistake is currently positioning his local government to allow the excavation of a landfill to locate the drive.
  4. 88% of all worldwide crypto ATMs are located in the United States.
  5. Blockchain video games are gaining popularity around the world, with the top game reaching 1.2 Million users in only a month’s time. 

Share your favorite one, or tag us on our social media channels (found on the Apollo Website’s Community Page with other facts you’ve enjoyed learning! 


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