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Army Updates – 09.01.2022

Apollo has an engaged community that values transparency and communication. One thing that comes through loud and clear over Apollo’s many dynamic channels is a desire to have interesting things to share with YOUR personal communities that can advance the Apollo cause. 

Every two weeks we’ll attempt to arm the growing Apollo Army with this type of ammunition. Army Ammo if you will. Thank you in advance for sharing the individual pieces of information you find valuable. Thank you for inviting your networks to get on board with Apollo Crypto.

Did You Know?

Week ending in August 29:

🚀 4,405 token holders
🏆 Second Creator Contest Season started!
👥 8 creators competing for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place

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  1. Announcing New Contest Collaboration With Centre
    Have an aspiring shoe designer in your circle? See how this ApolloxCentre collab contest can bring their urban fashion dreams to a reality and a career.

  2. Season 2 Contest 1 Up and Running
    Apollo’s Creator Contest is back with an all new season, this time bigger and better. Read up on contest improvements and how you can best make an impact.

  3. Discord: Valuable Tool, Irreplaceable Community
    With almost 1,100 members, our Discord serve is much more than an information channel; it’s a community that’s forming lasting connection. Learn about how you can join and be a part of something much bigger than yourself.


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