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Why the Apollo and Centre Collab Should Matter to You

The ApolloxCentre sneaker design contest, in which five budding shoe designers are going *toe-to-toe* for the chance to win funding for their projects as well as a place in the Finals competition for additional funding and to be showcased in Centre’s Dallas storefront, kicked off yesterday. This is all very exciting for those in the urban design sector, but why should the members of the Apollo Army who aren’t interested in sneaker design still be excited about this contest? 

We’re so glad you asked. Here are 10 things that the ApolloxCentre Contest means for the future of Apollo:

  1. A partnership with a large retailer like Centre signals to the public what we’ve known all along: Apollo is legitimate, and can be trusted. 
  2. Individuals from new markets are becoming familiar with Apollo. New eyes mean new holders, and new holders mean growth.
  3. This is Apollo’s first sponsored contest, but certainly not the last. Not many token projects ever get partnerships, let alone one’s with top athletic retailers. There are several others in the works already. 
  4. This contest puts our decentralized voting model on display. The utility that our model brings to the contest space, in general, is being proven by the success of this first partnership. Our words are being proven by our output. 
  5. The creators in this Centre contest each have a large social media presence, and their followers have been directed to our pages through their posts. Our community has seen large growth in just the first few days of this contest. 
  6. Season 1 of the Creator Contest provided an opportunity for us to test our hypothesis for a contest platform. Season 2 of Creator Contests and the ApolloxCentre contest are allowing us to display our improvements and prove that we listened to your feedback. We’re constantly getting better. 
  7. Having an athletic retailer like Centre, which has huge partnerships with professional athletes and other brands, host this contest proves that Apollo is making a splash even outside of the crypto space. Our technology can be used in almost any industry to find and fund creators.
  8. Through Centre’s meetings with Apollo’s founders, and their vetting process in choosing to collaborate on this contest, Apollo was proven professional and sophisticated. This adds precedent for future partnerships. 
  9. Apollo has been proven valuable outside of its own community. Creators and potential token holders are seeing for themselves the execution of our vision for this project. We follow through on what we say we’ll do.
  10. The increase in community members on sites like Discord and Instagram have allowed us to do more in terms of engagement. Larger audiences mean more opportunities to interact, and our followings are growing daily. 

Those are just some of the reasons that the ApolloxCentre Contest is big news for our entire community, and why it will continue to make a large impact even after it ends. 

Now, here’s what you can do to maximize its impact:

  1. Vote! Visit the contest page to show some love to the creator you think deserves to win and move on to the finals
  2. Tell your network who you voted for using these media tiles. Your voice deserves to be heard
  3. Watch, share, and get excited about this video that highlights the Centre contest. It sure gets us fired up! 


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