3 Rounds + Finale • Prizes $40,000* • Sept 13–Dec 5

If you're an aspiring shoe designer this is your chance to be seen by a supportive creative community that can help you take your design career to the next level.

The Contest

Contestants will be sorted into 3 Rounds of competition. The winner of each Round will continue on to the Finale.

Round 1

Sept 13–19 • Prize $5,000*

Round 2

Oct 4–10 • Prize $5,000*

Round 3

Oct 25–31 • Prize $5,000*


Nov 29–Dec 5 • Prize $25,000*

*See the FAQs for details about the prize

The Challenge

Creators are challenged to paint, draw, cut, stretch, bejewel, emboss, deboss, and do whatever is necessary to design a pair of Nike Air Force 1s with their special touch. The only limit is the imagination.

Contestants receive a pair of Nike Air Force 1s

to design any
way they like

and go toe-to-toe with other designers

How to Enter

Centre and Apollo are excited to support up-and-coming creators in the urban apparel space through an exclusive three-part contest for shoe designers.


Apply using the form below. Select applicants will be chosen by Centre and invited to participate.


Selected applicants will be notified by email of the next steps and scheduled to join Round 1, Round 2, or Round 3.

Contact Details

Who are you? And how can we get in touch?

About You

Who are you as an artist?

Socials & Links

Add relevant links that shows us your work.


If you have a question that is not answered on this page please reach out using the contact form.

The Apollo x Centre contest is a competition where artists will be given a pair of sneakers to design in any way they like.


🎨 Creators design a shoe
🎟 Creators enter the contest
🗳 The community votes
🏆 The winner receives $$$$$

Any artist or designer can apply to the Apollo x Centre contest using the form on this page.

Applicants are not immediately entered into the contest queue. The contest sponsor will review applications and choose a select number of applicants to enter the contest.

Anyone with a DeFi-capable crypto wallet that holds APOLLO tokens can vote.

APOLLO tokens are your voucher to vote.

A minimum amount of APOLLO tokens are required to vote. That minimum will be locked in at the time each contest begins.

There are two things you need to be able to vote:

  1. A DeFi capable wallet.
  2. Apollo tokens.

There are multiple ways to make that happen. The best and easiest two methods would be to use either MetaMask or the Coinbase app.

How to get started with MetaMask mobile:

How to get started with Coinbase app:

New step-by-step video coming soon!

If you saw the asterisk* next to the prize amounts you probably have questions about the prize contestants can win.

The prize amounts listed are estimated. Actual prize amounts will vary but be in the range of amounts listed.

Here’s why.

Like other Apollo-hosted contests, there is a variable formula that determines the total prize payout. The formula takes into account the number of tokens in the Apollo DAO fund, the number of contestants in a contest, and the ratio of first-time voters to previous voters.

Here’s the simple formula for the base prize:


There is also a bonus addon if a voter threshold is met:



Apollo and Centre partnered together to bring this shoe design contest to life for the love of the sneaker.


Apollo Crypto is a DAO community focused on supporting, growing, and funding creators. One way we do so is through our contest and voting platform.


Centre is a Texas-born clothing brand and premium athletic and lifestyle footwear retailer focused on supporting and enriching our local communities.