The first Creator Contest for Season 2 is officially in the books, in which three, yes THREE, creators received prize money to fund their projects as well as a chance to compete in the Season 2 All-Stars Creator Contest later this year. Graphic designer Jack Dugard took first place, followed closely in votes by painter Alex Mara in second, and content creator Rob Crotty rounding out the winners’ circle. Congratulations to the first three winners of Season 2, and a huge thank you to all of the creators that participated in this contest as well as all who voted. Season 2 is just getting started!

Contest Overview:

✅ Creator Contest #14
🎨 8 Creators
🗳 132 Community Voters
🏆 3 Winning creators
💰 $5,925.81 in prizes awarded

Jake Dugard’s Entry – 1st place

My name is Jake Dugard and I am a designer and educator. My primary role is an assistant professor at the School of Design at Louisiana Tech University where I teach graphic design classes. I work on freelance projects including identity and branding design, illustration, ui, gig poster design and printing, and a miscellaneous assortment of other things. I also work on personal projects including a relatively new podcast called Tangent, where I interview designers, artists, and makers to find out about their practice. I have a side project type foundry called Pale Horse with a focus of converting rare, wood type to digital fonts for designers and printers to use today. And finally, I make a bunch of other things including screenprinting and letterpress prints and posters, zines, books and publications, and an assortment of other products. I live in Ruston, Louisiana with my wife Stephanie and kids, River, Judah, and Phoenix.

If I win, I will use the money across a lot of my interests and projects. Here is a list of things I could use help funding: + New computer monitor + Better mic for recording podcast with guests + As silly as it sounds, some nice paper for screenprinting, letterpress prints, and making zines + More wood type for letterpress (rare and expensive) + Initial investment in student-run design studio at the school that I teach at

Alex Mara’s Entry – 2nd Place

Born and raised in Chicago with a family of artists of all mediums, I developed my own form of art. From tattoo designs, portraitures, figure drawing, I find my escape in hyperrealism painting. With the extreme detail, colors and life I present, I want the viewer to get lost again and again throughout the piece.

If I won the money, I would use it by pouring it back into my craft and my art. Maybe even rent a studio so I can fully optimize my time and dedicate more isolated time there. Another idea I’ve had for a while is putting my art on clothes or stickers. Having these little tokens where my fans can keep and put wherever they like, makes me very excited especially if they cannot buy the piece.

Rob Crotty’s Entry – 3rd Place

My name is Rob Crotty. I’m a 33 year old private chef. I am a single dad just trying my best to provide a good life for my kids. Since being granted full custody of my daughters 5 years ago, I have been doing everything I can along with chef jobs (Uber, Lyft, Instacart, door dash, etc.) to earn extra income for my family. I graduated from the California Culinary Academy in 2007, am a trained chef by trade, but my other passion is fishing! I started creating content because I would like to share my passions with the world and inspire more parents and kids to enjoy the outdoors. I was taught to fish at a young age and it has always been my favorite thing to do. I love reading comments from subscribers claiming they have learned something new or because of my videos they now want to fish! When I became a father I found it to be even more fun watching my kids catch fish. I love teaching my kids and all of their friends to fish! I hope to inspire people from all over the world to learn to fish and maybe cook too! Check out my content to see my kids and I catching some big fish and making some amazing food!

If I win the funds will be used in a few ways. I make most of my own ocean fishing lures and would like to start my own fishing tackle company! I would also like to host free kids fishing clinics where kids can learn to fish, have fun with other like minded families, eat some good free food and take home some free fishing gear of their own! These kids fishing clinics will be held in Clearlake CA! I will stream these free kids fishing clinics live on TikTok so make sure to follow me to see what your vote went towards! I will also hold some Apollo because Apollo is the best crypto ever created!

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