Creator Contest #5 brought together a variety of super talented artists – Ellen Frautschi (Painter), Elizabeth Grace (Abstract Artist), Kevin Perkins (Artist/Multimedia), Meagan Temaat (Photographer), and contest winner Roshelle Anderson (Crafts). It was a close one for sure. A huge congratulations to Roshelle Anderson for clinching the victory this week! We’re excited to watch Happi Crafts continue to do more good with this $10k.

Contest Overview:

✅ Creator Contest #5
🎨 5 Creators
🗳 80 Community Voters
🏆 1 Winning creator
💰 $10k Prize

Roshelle Anderson’s Entry

My name is Roshelle, and I started Happi Crafts! I am a proud mommy of two that strives to find fun ways to play, learn, and build special moments to cherish forever. With life being so fast paced, spending quality time with my kids seemed almost impossible. Between work, school and daily duties of being a mommy, most days I wish I had something readily available, that the kids would enjoy and also be able to learn from. Creating lasting memories that my kids will remember forever is so important to me. So is learning. Creating and learning through play not only strengthens the bond between parent and child, but is also proven to assist with cognitive, social and emotional development. These benefits last a lifetime and are some of the most valuable lessons one can learn. All the while, creating cherished times families will remember most. I specialize in sprinkles, glitter and ultra cool sensory play items! I try to incorporate lots of color and unique play ideas in all of my handmade items to create a special experience that will excite and ignite creativity in kids and adults. I live in South Florida where I’m exposed to lots of bright, vibrant colors all the time and I think my work reflects that. My passion is creating fun, stimulating learning environments that will evoke happiness, curiosity and excitement with fun learning tools.

If I won the money, I would most certainly use it to reinvest into Happi Crafts to create more innovative, creative and functional art with purpose ;). I would also use it to fuse more art with mental health to promote healthy outlooks on life through art.

Apollo Inu Show Episode 4 – Roshelle Anderson (Happi Crafts)

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