If you’re like most creatives, being a creator is more about who you are… not what you do. It’s all you think about. It’s what you most care about. There’s a current song out by singer Luke Combs that discusses this very idea. When asked by a reporter what he’d be doing if he hadn’t made it to the big stage, he simply states: “I’d still be doin’ this if I wasn’t doin’ this.” 

Can you relate?

Unfortunately, artists often have to make choices between honing their craft and making ends meet. For some that looks like a 9-5 that they might actually hate, side gigs as a delivery driver, stints in the service industry or maybe time spent teaching others how to do some of what you do. Every hour you’re doing that though, you’re taking away from the activities needed to break through. Is this the hamster wheel you’re destined to ride forever?

Hustle different

There’s no shortage of well-intentioned people telling you to hustle harder. It’s a badge of honor in today’s world, really. Rather than hustling harder, what if you hustled differently? The Apollo Inu Crypto token was developed with the creator in mind and it is a different approach from the start. Here’s how it works:

  1. Portfolio investors, supporters and creatives purchase Apollo token; essentially supporting and funding creative people to achieve their goals .
  2. Creators nominate themselves to be seen by the community in a regular contest that awards sizable prize money. The amount changes but is derived through an algorithm that’s based on total investment and number of votes cast. 
  3. Community gives creators valuable feedback and validation as Apollo holders cast votes for the creator they’d most like to see funded.
  4. Winning creator receives crypto prize money in their wallet. Crypto that’s worth $10,000… $20,000 or more means more time honing creator skills instead of worrying about that nine to five.

That’s definitely hustling different. 

It’ll certainly feel great to win. But it’s pretty great when you know that no matter the outcome it’s hard to lose. How’s that? Here’s two reasons Apollo-holding creatives really never lose:

  1. There’s value in validation on what you’re building. Getting seen and receiving community feedback is something every creative needs. You’ll get that in spades through the Apollo community which was designed to be a specific support to creatives and foster creative beauty in the world. 
  2. Requiring that you invest in a token to compete or vote means that you hold an asset that has actual value. It’s an entry fee that ultimately gives back to you. As more creatives and creative supporters come to learn about Apollo the value of the tokens you hold are expected to become even more valuable. That’s because there is only a finite amount of the Apollo Inu token… and there are transparent, mathematical formulas that burn off that supply with every contest. Limited supply and timed burn off makes the token more valuable with time. 

Why is Apollo an Investment You Can Trust?

There is no guarantee that a crypto project you invest in will succeed. (Imagine that sentence spoken to you in our best television or radio announcer voice) Every investment or new project carries some element of risk, it’s true. That said, here are some reasons why Apollo crypto can be more trusted and why Apollo could be a key component in your strategy to get to the next level: