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While some people feel this fits squarely in the camp of paid promotion or marketing, we have all realized that those efforts would only go so far in a challenging economic climate. We continue to build awareness through community growth and engagement but have started to take a look at how we can better grow awareness in both the creator and holder communities by expanding the voting capabilities of our platform. 

One of the greatest challenges creators and voters have had to date has been the friction associated with getting into crypto—exchanges, wallets, Uniswap, etc. The current system is in place to help stimulate the DAO growth, as well as help provide a layer of protection from voting manipulation (in addition to our automated vote monitoring tools in the DAO).

We are currently investigating ways to bring in weighted votes, measured by onboarding stages into Apollo. This would mean that, for example, a creator’s fanbase could vote by simply watching a video about the benefits of the Apollo ecosystem or providing some information for 2FA. This vote would count for a fraction of the weight of a normal vote for the creator… but does not require the voter to get into crypto to start learning about the Apollo ecosystem and support their creator. 

We feel too many people are reluctant to take the first step, and this change could help increase awareness for our project by participation without friction. Of course, there will be greater benefits to holders who vote (a larger vote “weight”, POAPs, incentives, DeWork, governance, etc.), but, the way we see it, the key is providing different voting options so that everyone can participate in some way. 

We are also exploring ways to allow creators to enter in new ways – NFTs, grants, etc. are a hot topic of discussion at the studio. All these efforts are aimed at providing creators and holders (current or future) with easier access and more confidence in sharing this project with their fans and communities!

Ultimately, what you will likely notice with all of these updates is a consistent theme of Apollo becoming much more than a platform to celebrate creators and more of a platform to provide sustainable funding and a transparent voting mechanism for any worthy cause. 

We will always support creators, as that was our original focus and one that is dear to our hearts, but Apollo has already proven itself capable of handling that passion along with so much more. In the future, you will see contest-based funding of all sorts of people, projects, charities, and many other things. 

We feel that Apollo is one of the best true expressions of what decentralization was designed for, which is why we think that Apollo is the kind of project that you will want to be part of when the winter begins to thaw.


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