Army at Work

The Apollo Army is a select group of passionate and influential people who have committed to furthering the Apollo brand, creating a welcoming environment on all social channels, and going above and beyond for the good of the project.

Because of this, we at Apollo ask a lot from Army members.

Apollo expects greatness from the Army because we know you guys are great. We ask for content sharing, participation in challenges and community events, and many other tasks that we know will improve Apollo for all involved. 

Your participation in this project is fundamental to its success and does not go unnoticed. 

We highly value the members of the Army who have partnered with us to make Apollo what it is, and those who have deserve more “thank you’s” than can be distributed.

In an effort to extend our thanks, this blog will highlight members of the Apollo Army who have accepted the call to arms and have answered our requests for engagement with a resounding “YES!”. 

Here are just a few examples of the Apollo Army on the move.

Don’t see yourself featured in this list? Don’t worry, we’re always on the lookout for the work that Army members are doing, and more shoutouts will be posted in the future. Make sure you’re always doing your part in the Army!

Corey, who’s highly active on many Apollo social channels, is encouraging Twitter users to get involved during the ApolloxCentre Contest 1. We received our largest engagement to date on our Instagram Live event for this contest, thanks to active members like Corey promoting it!

Twitter user SR198611 encouraging participation in Contest 2 of the second Creator Contest season, happening as we speak! Known as SvenR on Discord, this user has attained the coveted golden POAP token for taking part in ALL of our POAP challenges. Now THAT’S dedication!

Ryanelly99 on Discord (who ALSO sports the golden POAP) welcomes new members into the Apollo Discord channel.Making sure newcomers are welcomed and come into an active community is how to ensure they’ll stick around and help grow the Army!

Juraj Antal on Instagram supporting one of Apollo’s daily posts. Engagement matters, and we notice it all! 

These are just a handful of examples of members of the Apollo Army doing what the Army does – supporting the Apollo brand and making our community a better place. We are always looking for those active members to recognize and celebrate, and if you’ll commit to doing those things then who knows… maybe you’ll be next!


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