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Each week the Apollo community selects a Creator to fund their passions & projects.

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Creators face a unique challenge

Becoming a successful creator is a challenge in our high-tech world today where anyone can capture video on their phone, record a song in their closet, or download the latest and greatest editing software.

But to become the best and cut through the noise every Creator needs passion, endurance, and a little help from those that have gone before them.

Not enough time

There's never enough time. Work, school, and responsibilities make it difficult to find the time to create.

Not enough money

Tools, gear, supplies, and expenses. Being a creator sounds easy but is surprisingly expensive.

Lack of exposure

Creating good work is hard. Getting people to notice your good work is even harder.

Need help

Every great artist needs a mentor, teacher, fan, and friend to become the best they can be.

Apollo found a way to give Creators a leg up

By establishing a DAO and crypto token, Apollo was able to design a self-funding ecosystem that allows the community and creators to work together and fund a new wave of creatives in the creator economy.
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Creators are able to win funding to support their creative passions and projects.


The Apollo community and mission is focused on Creators—creating a strong opportunity network of like-minded artists and investors.


Creators gain exposure and new friends and fans through the Apollo community and weekly contests.

Apollo was founded with the mission to help the creator economy get the support and funding they need to make their big break.

MILLIONS have been raised. Now it's time to give it away.

How it works for Creators

Creators have the opportunity to enter every contest. There is a 3 step process for Creators to determine who will win the weekly prize.

Apply as a Creator

Creators apply for the contest and fill out their profiles with details about themselves and their work.

Vote in the Contest

Vote for your favorite creator. Will you vote for yourself or someone else? No judgment either way.

Winner gets Funded!

The contest winner receives the Prize, funding for their creative endeavors. What will you do if you win?

Do you have what it takes?

Apollo supports and encourages creators through a self-governed community seeking to fund and grow the creator economy.

What can funds be used for?

Who can apply as a Creator?

Creator Contest FAQs

Any type of creator. You can apply if you are a painter, poet, musician, podcaster, writer, dancer, comedian, coder—any form of creative output.

At the conclusion of each contest, the winner will receive the prize funds directly to the crypto wallet address previously provided.

The prize is paid out in Apollo Inu ($APOLLO) tokens.

For detailed voting instructions, see How to Vote in our docs.d

You can reach out through our Contact page, check our docs, or join us on Discord or Telegram.

The Apollo Creator Contest is funded through the tokenomic design of the $APOLLO token. 1% of every APOLLO token transaction is sent directly to the Creator Prize Fund wallet to fund the contest and pay winners.

For more details, see How is Apollo Funded in our docs.

Yes, any Apollo holder can enter the contest as well as vote for whichever Creator they wish, including themselves.

Telling your friends, family and followers that you have entered the contest and asking them to join the Apollo community and vote for you is clearly the best thing you can do. However, a comprehensive and complete profile with links to your work and a personalized video will help the Apollo community get to know you as much as possible and hopefully make them want to support you. Joining the Apollo Discord and Telegram channel and getting to know the community will also go a long way. And posting a link to the Apollo website on your social channels will help a lot as well.

For more recommendations check out How to Apply as a Creator in our docs.

contests open weekly!

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