Brand Assets

Download official Apollo logos, product screenshots, PR content, and team photos.


The Apollo Logo

The Apollo logo is available in two colors. Use the logo with black text on light backgrounds, and the logo with white text on dark backgrounds.

Do not use any other color for the icon or text.

Always use the Apollo icon and text in combination together. 

The icon should be used on its own only for icons and avatar uploads on websites and exchanges.


Inter Font Family

The official typeface for Apollo Crypto is Inter. Assets and graphics should always use Inter and only Inter. Do not mix Inter with other fonts.

Inter is a free-to-use typeface and able to be used for print, screen, and commercial use.

Inter font family type specimen

Simple is Best

A simple color palette is the best way to build a bold and versatile brand.

Apollo Crypto graphics should mostly be subdued with pops of bright green to highlight important text and actions.

Apollo Crypto brand colors
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