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The New Face of Creativity

Apollo Crypto New Face of Creativity

When it comes to being a creator there is no one-size-fits-all answer. 

Young. Old. American. International. All races. All genders. Multiple disciplines. 

Every creator story different… Every face unique. 

Apollo set out to decentralize access for creators to find the support and funding they need to make a big break or take the next step. Apollo lives up to that mission every week: letting up and coming creators have a platform to be seen and letting the community have the deciding vote in what projects get additional funding.

With every passing week, it’s becoming more and more clear that crypto, blockchain and Web 3 are the future of commerce and creativity. Apollo puts it all to work for good. After all, it’s rare to have the ability to literally see the faces that are being changed and supported by holders like you. But Apollo is changing the face of creativity. These are the faces of Apollo.  

Whose face is missing? Who will you invite to participate next?

Faces of Apollo | Apollo Crypto


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