Army Updates

June 29, 2022

Week of June 27: 

💰 4400 token holders ( ⇧ 10%+ in June)
📈 $45.3M market cap ( ⇧ 250%+ in June)
🔎2000 visits to “buy Apollo” page… with more than 10% of that number buying last week 

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  1. Did you miss all the recent chatter about Apollo?
    Hear (and share) 4 perspectives about how Apollo is “doing what they said they do,” “remains one of the coolest, most innovative projects out there” and is “building even in a bear market!”
  2. Can a logo tell a story about what Apollo values? Yes, it can.
  3. Would having something creative to post about the work Apollo is doing to make the world a more creative place be helpful? Download this image and use this text for your next social post:
    Creating inspiring content is a passion… and hard work. But with Apollo, that’s changing. A blockchain-based economic system, Apollo rewards #creators who are making a difference helping them fund their projects.


FAQ: Asked and Answered

Q: With the new Apollo formula is the prize amount calculated at the end versus the beginning of the contest?
A: Yes, it is calculated at the end of the contest meaning more votes earns higher allocations.