Creator Contest
Season 1

Crypto Funding for Creators
12 Contests + All-Stars β€’ Prizes $185,000 β€’ May 5–Aug 22

Season 1 Stats

Creators entered the contest each week, the Apollo Community voted on their favorite, and the winner received a sizable prize wallet.

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Meet the Contestants

Morgan Alexis
Contest #1 πŸ†

Morgan Alexis

Morgan Alexis is a Chicago Based DJ/Producer. After over a decade of learning piano and guitar, she put her singer-songwriter dream on the back burner. Working at nightclubs, she was exposed to house music for the first time, and being around other DJs inspired her to bring music back into her life. She discovered that performing for crowds is something that sparks her soul. Her energy during sets and engagement with the audience is what makes people come back for more.
Contest #2 πŸ†

Stanley Turner

Hi! My name is Stanley Turner, and I’m an independent filmmaker from Dallas, TX. I’m currently a junior in high school and I have BIG dreams for this filmmaking journey I’m on, dreams that I know can become a reality sooner than you would expect. First things first though, let’s get to know each other! Like I said earlier, I’m a high school filmmaker, but my creative journey began long before that. I’ve been a storyteller for as long as I can remember.
Kyree Anderson
Contest #3 πŸ†

Kyree Anderson

Recording Artist
My name is Kyree but I go by Acme. I’m a 24-year-old recording artist based in Dallas! Everyday I strive to make the best music that I can, inspire those who look up to me and help as many people grow as possible! Come along for the ride…
Contest #4 πŸ†

Jet Trouble

Music Artist
My name is Jet Trouble, I’m a 25-year-old musician from Dallas, TX. I’ve been making music for a little over 10 years now and have released 33 songs across digital streaming platforms. I feel my purpose in life is to use music as a vehicle to share my faith and my resources to extend hope in this world.
Jet Trouble
Roshelle Anderson
Contest #5 πŸ†

Roshelle Anderson

My name is Roshelle, and I started Happi Crafts! I am a proud mommy of two that strives to find fun ways to play, learn, and build special moments to cherish forever. With life being so fast-paced, spending quality time with my kids seemed almost impossible. Between work, school, and daily duties of being a mommy, most days I wish I had something readily available, that the kids would enjoy and also be able to learn from. Creating lasting memories that my kids will remember forever is so important to me. So is learning. Creating and learning through play not only strengthens the bond between parent and child but is also proven to assist with cognitive, social, and emotional development.
Contest #6 πŸ†

Palmer Anthony

Music Artist
Hey guys, my name is Palmer Anthony! I’m a singer-songwriter and musician based out of Fort Worth, TX. Labeled a “Fresh Find” by Texas Music Pickers, my music has been streamed over a million times, and has been featured on playlists such as Spotify’s Texas Country Now, Fresh Finds Country, and New Music Nashville. I’ve played rowdy and energetic shows in all corners of the country touring with the likes of Kolby Cooper, Pecos & the Rooftops, Corey Kent, and more; and at 25, I’m just getting started!
Palmer Anthony
Omar Nasr
Contest #7 πŸ†

Omar Nasr

Music Artist

“I could not talk to her, so I made a song for the millions, in hope she would listen to it” An ongoing passion for music with a Masters in Pure Mathematics, I am Omar Nasr, a singer from Lebanon. Two years ago, I was teaching Math when I decided it was time I quit and pursue my dream of becoming a singer. I now have 6 released songs, with a total of 8 million YouTube Views, 28 million TikTok views, and 3 million Anghami streams. Three of my songs hit the top Anghami charts in the MENA region and one song was trending on YouTube Music. Art heals what life hurts.

Contest #8 πŸ†

Lana Johnson

Fine Artist
I am Lana Johnson, artist, and owner of Come Alive Studio. I have been a visual artist since I learned to hold a crayon. I studied Studio Art in college where I focused on oil painting but in recent years I have been a self-taught watercolor painter. Nature and process have always been the center of my inspiration. My hope is to create art that manifests the beauty and intricacies of the earth. In a world where we often look from one thing to the next to fulfill our wants and needs, I strive to create art out of the discarded, overlooked, and fleeting objects of everyday life. My desire is not to add to the consumerism of our culture, but instead to create beautiful, timeless, and useful artwork that can be enjoyed for years to come.
Lana Johnson
Contest #9 πŸ†

Elizabeth Grace

Abstract Artist

Hello everybody! My name is Elizabeth Grace, I’m a 21 years old, self-taught artist from the south. My favorite art styles to paint are psychedelic surrealism, impressionism, and abstract paintings. Some personal favorite mediums to use are oil paints, epoxy pour paints, and occasionally acrylics. Like most young artists, I grew up watching Bob Ross and one day decided to start painting. Most of my paintings are inspired by various things I’ve seen throughout my various travels and adventures. I often paint them as bright and vibrant as possible since this is the way I choose to see the world and express this through my art.

Contest #10 πŸ†

Juraj Antal

Fitness Content Creator

I am a personal trainer and fitness studio owner. I help people with lifestyle, weight loss and muscle building. My clients are people of young age and healthy but also elderly people with certain illnesses. In my studio I am always focusing on creating healthy, friendly and safe environment for my clients and my goal with them is to make them much better than when we started. I spend time on Instagram where I post videos about cooking, recipes, exercises, and workout routines.

Juraj Antal
Ellen Frautschi
Contest #11 πŸ†

Ellen Frautschi


Growing up in a more rural part of Louisiana I have always loved nature and marveling at what God has made for us. I create to fulfill the space in me that needs to bring ideas to life. I love searching for patterns in nature and seeing how they connect with one another. Painting allows those connections to be altered and made new. I love the flexibility painting and drawing bring. My art’s intention is to bring glory and joy to the viewer. For the last couple of years, I have mainly been working in a mixed medium of oil paints with wood burning. There is something so wonderfully crafty about combining wood-burning and oil paints that I find truly exciting.

Contest #12 πŸ†

Brittney Palmer


Hi guys I’m Brittney Palmer! Many people know me as an Octagon Girl for the UFC, but I’m also an artist and performer! I’ve always been super creative, and art has come to me naturally. When I was 21 I was in a car accident and while cooped up, I picked back up some of my creative skillsets and started painting more. It was super therapeutic for me and reintroduced a huge passion in my life. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with brands like Reebok, Star Wars, Topps, and more, and have been able to showcase my work at institutions and galleries in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Hong Kong, and Milan. I hope that people who see my work are able to connect with the emotion and authenticity I put into it.

Brittney Palmer


The Apollo Creator Contest is a contest for creators of all types hosted by the Apollo DAO.Β 

Each week creators enter to compete for the grand prize!


🎨 Creators enter
πŸ—³ The community votes
πŸ’° The winner receives $$$$$

The contestants participating in Season 1: All Stars are the winners from the past 12 contests.

Each creator already participated in a Season 1 contest and won.

Anyone with a DeFi capable crypto wallet that holds $APOLLO tokens can vote.

A minimum of $50 value of $APOLLO is required.

Due to crypto price fluctuation, the dollar value of your crypto could dip below the minimum $50 mark. A good rule of thumb to ensure your voting ability would be to hold a larger portion of tokens to take into account price fluctuation.

There are two things you need to be able to vote:

  1. A DeFi capable wallet.
  2. Apollo tokens.

There are multiple ways to make that happen. The best and easiest two methods would be either use MetaMask or the Coinbase app.

How to get started with MetaMask mobile:

How to get started with Coinbase app:

New step-by-step video coming soon!

The prize amount is based on a formula with a number of variables. During Season 1, the average weekly prize was valued at $11,500 across 12 contests.

For Season 1: All Stars, the prize formula variables will be tripled!!