Apollo Creator Contest: Early Application

2023 brings a new year and new opportunities for Apollo, the community, and creators. Apply early to get into future contests.

Prizes • NFTs • Raffles • Giveaways • Sponsorships • Collabs • Shenanigans

If you are a designer, artist, musician, creator, crafter, pixel-pusher, dancer, or creative of any type—this is your chance to be seen by a supportive creative community that can help you realize your work and efforts.

Early Application

Applications for 2023 contests are open to the public now. Serious creators of all types will be considered.


Apply using the form below. Select applicants will be chosen for future contests.


Selected applicants will be notified by email the when, what, where, and how to join a coming contest.

Contact Details

Who are you? So we can get in touch for the contest.

About You

Who are you as an artist?

Socials & Links

Add relevant links that shows us your work.


If you have a question that is not answered on this page reach out on the Apollo Discord server.

The Apollo Creator Contest contest is a competition of creators sharing their work and gaining votes to win the contest prize money.


🎟 Creators enter the contest
🗳 The community votes
🏆 The winner receives $$$$$

Any artist or designer can apply to the for future Apollo Creator Contests using the form on this page.

Applicants are not immediately entered into the contest queue. Applications will be reviewed and a select number will be chosen to compete.

There are currently two ways to vote:

  1. Crypto Wallet. You can vote by having a DeFi crypto wallet and holding a minimum of $APOLLO tokens.
  2. Email Verification. You can vote by sending an email verification link to your inbox.

Other methods for voting have been discussed and could be added in the future.

The prize amount for each contest is TBD depending on the type of contest, length or series, number of contestants, etc.

Previous contest prizes have ranged from $2,500 to $17,000.